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Second cross-national RECPP workshop | Results on mapping of coal power plant sites – Collection of feedback from stakeholders: Mapping of re-purposing solutions for coal power plant sites

Date: 21 May 2021, 09:00-14:30h, Interactive online event

Major chairperson: Pavlos Tyrologou, CERTH



Virtual room


09:00-­ 09:05h

Paris Voutetakis, Director of CPERI Institute, CERTH


09:05-­ 09:30h

Introduction, Status of RECPP
Stanislaw Tokarski & Aleksandra Koteras, GIG


including online poll

09:30-­ 09:45h

Key note speech 1: Re-purposing – an operator’s point of view
Georgios Stamatelopoulos, EnBW (VGB Chairman)


Gathering of chat questions

09:45-­ 10:00h

Key note speech 2: The status and future of the RFCS
Andrea Gentili, Acting Head of Unit at European Commission, DG R&I


Gathering of chat questions

10:00-­ 10:15h

Key note speech 3: Re-purposing – a supplier’s point of view
Prof Emmanouil Kakaras, Mitsubishi Europe


Gathering of chat questions

10:15-­ 11:15h

Panel discussion on re-purposing solutions for coal power plant sites
Rainer Fronius (EDF), Andrea Gentili, Prof Emmanouil Kakaras, Georgios Stamatelopoulos, Kazimierz Szynol (TGPE)

Moderator: Pavlos Tyrologou, CERTH


Online poll

Answers to chat questions

11:15-­ 11:30h

Coffee break

11:30 -­ 12:15h

Virtual Room 2

Parallel group 1

CO2 before and after

(Chairperson: Petr Krejci - CEZ)

List of existing and arising technologies for energy conversion sorted according to true CO2 production per kWh of energy produced. Secondary products to be discussed. Contribution on case studies from audience is welcomed.

Virtual Room 3

Parallel group 2

Green Products

(Chairperson: Thomas Kienberger - MUL)

Greening different types of partnering industries. Products and by-products based on electricity production sorted according to CO2 track (hydrogen, synthetic fuels, ash, gypsum).

Virtual Room 4

Parallel group 3

Energy Storage

(Chairperson: Adolf Aumüller - VGB)

Overview of storages sorted according to their capacity and response time, seasonal storage.

12:15 -­ 12:30h

Plenary summary and discussion

Moderator: Thomas Eck – VGB


12:30 -­ 13:15h

Lunch break

13:15 -­ 14:00h

Virtual Room 2

Parallel group 4

New aspects of sector coupling

(Chairperson: Rainer Fronius - EDF)

State of the art and coming trends in sector coupling.

Virtual Room 3

Parallel group 5

Sustainable solution based on EU taxonomy

(Chairperson: Pavlos Tyrologou - CERTH)

Overview on technology fulfilling the requirements set by EU taxonomy.

Virtual Room 4

Parallel group 6

Repowering – the best practicable environmental option

(Chairperson: Michal Jablonski -TGPE)

The value of existing assets in energy transition and comparative advantages of brownfields against green field approach (money and timewise).

14:00 -­ 14:45h

Final summary and outlook

Moderator: Rainer Fronius